Kindred Family Links

From financial suppliers to clients, working with Kindred is working with an extended family of businesses we have grown to trust in a way only family can be trusted. The links below represent a few of our family members...

Berkel and Company (Auger Pressure Grouted Pilings)

Bignell Watkins Hasser Architects, P.A.

Church of Latter Day Saints (Owner)

DLC Management Corp (Shopping Center Owners, Real Estate)

Enoch Pratt Free Library (Owner)

Griffith Brothers Landscaping, Incorporated

Huber Welding Service, LLC

Interior Specialists, Incorporated (Demolition)

Koons New and Used Car Dealership (Owner)

L2M Architects

McGuire, Incorporated (Concrete Construction)

Metropolitan Steel

Overhead Door Corporation

Rocks Engineering Company (Owner)

Royal Electric, Incorporated

Superior (Storefront/Doors)